It’s Time To Stand Out On LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, your ‘About’ section is the linchpin of your entire profile. 

It’s your chance to get inside the head of your next employer (or customer). And join their internal conversation.

It’s the way to connect your awesomeness to their Big Problem.

And it’s how you get remembered tomorrow, after they looked at all those other people today.

Here are three ways to say what you really want to say, to people who really want to hear it

Watch The Video on YouTube: Dean goes all out, with explanations of the 8 questions he uses to get everything he needs for a great write-up, and how to think the way your next employer or customer thinks on LinkedIn. Some people start writing as soon as the webinar ends! ($0)
Read It: If you’d rather read than watch, check out the companion bundle of LinkedIn Webinar Materials. It includes Dean’s slides, his entire webinar script, and over 2 dozen actual profiles he wrote for LinkedIn users. ($4.99)
Or, Go Pro: If you want to work with Dean and have him write your About section, use the checkout form on this page. The fastest way to get a great LinkedIn profile summary created.

What people are saying about their new LinkedIn profile summary (and lower down, examples of what they’re gushing about).

You’re writing partner

Dean Waye is the chief copywriter for

Want to create your own awesome LinkedIn About section? Want to connect with your next customer or hiring manager, and start moving them toward you?

It’s free!

  1. Visit YouTube to see the webinar where Dean lays out his entire process.
  2. Download the 8 Question worksheet.

Or, to book Dean and have him write something new from scratch, choose an option below. You’ll receive a secret link to book a 1-to-1 working session via Zoom.

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